hi i'm natalia and i'm 18 and i live in philadelphia and everyone hates me because i'm really annoying i used to be popeyeschicken... don't ask
please talk to me about aliens and the afterlife (✿◠‿◠)
instagram: @myspacefamous :-)
people on my blog for some reason




Anonymous said: oh well you scared me you got that mean muggin look down

u got my money bitch 

Anonymous said: yes, hunny. you are looking so good lately. you're going to kill it in college when you walk into your first class and everyone's gonna be like uhm who is that did you see her yeah i did she's awesome and thinly veiled in a cloak of mystery and intrigue

baby you’re all that i want… when you’re lying here in my arms… i’m finding it hard to believe… we’re in heaven?.. 

guinevere van seenus by hugh lippe for no name magazine, jun 14

looking good vs looking like myself

so honestly when will a hot light skinned guy or a blasian hittttttttt me the fuck up??????