hi i'm natalia and i'm 18 and i live in philadelphia and everyone hates me because i'm really annoying i used to be popeyeschicken... don't ask
please talk to me about aliens and the afterlife (✿◠‿◠)
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Alyssa is so cute she made me a care package bc of how sick I was!!💕 also my mom got me one million fruits and hot chocolate
people are so cute

at my school someone did like a really good and informative art piece about the bad American apparel guy and you prob can’t read it but it’s talking about dif times he sexually assaulted or harassed girls. Alyssa and I were reading it and a guy was reading it with us with like a disgusted face and I was thinking to myself good he is disgusted by this!! but he walked away saying in a REALLY negative tone “I’m sure some feminist made this” and I STARTED SWEATING I WAS SO ANGRY ILL FUCKING FIGHT HIM NEXT CLASS I HAVE W HIM



Cuddlin’ n shit











i like this but i don’t fully understand it…


you don’t understand how sad this is. each adult is a cross, and each child has been crucified by said cross. 

  • the priest (i assume he’s a priest, correct me if i’m wrong) killed the little boy in one way or another, probably rape, which is common among corrupted clergy men. 
  • the tourist comes to an overcrowded, poverty stricken country, taking up any and all resources that could have gone to the little native girl
  • the soldier comes to fight for his country, but ends up killing the innocent girl, probably in her village.
  • the little boy dies under the doctor’s knife
  • the man kills the little girl in a school shooting (represented with the uniform)
  • the “fat” kid is killed by obesity caused by a fast food epidemic in america, most commonly mcdonald’s, shown by ronald mcdonald himself. 

this is /haunting/ to look at. children can die at anyone’s hand. even the “heros”

Just to clarify that the little boy dying under the doctor’s knife is because the doctor is stealing his organs to sell in the black market, hence the cooler at their feet which alludes to keeping the organ alive and stable for selling. This is such a strong photo set, really induces a sense of disgust and sadness.

I cried a little

also, the little girl on the tourists back represents the huge child sex industry in south east Asia, popular among tourists



I call this hairstyle…… I don’t know. it’s almost defying gravity. I will name it “wicked”


i asked her why this boy wasn’t texting me back and this was her response

Anonymous said: 18, 19 n 44 :-)


18. Your greatest adventure
idk!!!!! holy shit maybe i haven’t had any great adventures yet. a good one was when me and my friends drove 2 hours to centralia to see the graffiti highway but by the time we got there it was dark or maybe when we decided to go to manhattan on a whim and got lost in bedstuy or uh when i drove from jersey to maryland by myself to meet internet friends uhh idk once i travel europe i’ll have a lot of good adventure stories dont worry

19. Your worst mistake
not trying hard enough in high school

44. Your quirks
idk i’m loud and i crack my knuckles a lot?? ask natalia what my quirks are she could prob give a better answer than i can

stepahnies quirks: closing her eyes when laughing, saying the word “very” loudly every time she says it OMG?, doing disgusted/confused faces like for .2 seconds every 30 seconds whenever I talk but like laughing after (prob just to me bc I’m an idiot), quoting vines all the time, ……