hi i'm natalia and i'm 18 and i live in philadelphia and everyone hates me because i'm really annoying i used to be popeyeschicken... don't ask
please talk to me about aliens and the afterlife (✿◠‿◠)
instagram: @myspacefamous :-)
people on my blog for some reason




Anonymous said: Tbh ur lowkey my Internet Girl Crush

love !

Anonymous said: I don't know anyone who has worse luck with fast food! Like 2 bad pizzas and your KFC had a worm.


Anonymous said: As a dominoes employee I would like to apologize for the terrible pizza you received no dominoes pizza should look like that

thank ou

Anonymous said: Boo hoo your pizza looked ugly. News flash - it's not like someone shit on it. You probably had a new driver; imagine how crappy they feel that they messed it up twice? It's still edible. Eat the damn thing.


tonight’s gonna be a good night.

Anonymous said: what is that mountain thing by your bed and where did you get it? it's so cute

a tapestry from urban outfitters my dude

todaytomorrowpastfuture said: did u ever get a nice pizza

NO!!!! >:(

having a lot of fun.

the walls that are finished in my dorm so far

an extremely quick sneak peek at my dorm it’s not done yet :)